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Local : 970-493-7778

Charter Buses Seating                  48 & 56 Passengers

Easy Rise Stairs
Kneel for Comfortable Loading
Professional Drivers
Drug Tested & Safety TrainedWindow Curtains
UV Window Tinting
Reclining Seats
Television Screens
XM Radio
DVD Player

Let us give you a quote for your next trip across town or across the country. We are absolutely not your standard coach company. Because we are family owned and operate from a small facility so we do not have the high overhead of the big box companies we can simply offer more for less. Don't be fooled by our size, we have an onsite certified mechanic keeping our equipment top notch and ready to serve seven days a week. Our vehicles exceed all recommended DOT standards. Our experienced drivers are all Drug Tested and Safety Trained. Royalty Coach boasts a perfect accident free record; we have the insurance records to prove it! We maintain $5 million in liability insurance in addition to meeting all DOT and PUC regulations.

Buses available for advertising wraps; call for details.  Our current fleet consists of MCI & Prevosts.